Winter 2023/4 Appeal

Since the Russians invasion the Ukrainian people and armed forces have been incredible in their courage and resistance. The Ukrainians are fighting our European war.

This coming winter war will be another test of will and logistics. Ukraine Freedom Company’s purpose is to demonstrate our solidarity and our commitment by providing supplies that will help sustain the Ukranian people over the coming months and provide an advantage on the battlefield.

Please donate now and help us purchase and supply warm clothing, trauma medical supplies, 4x4s and other vehicles, generators and other critical aid that is being requested and urgently required.

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by | Dec 7, 2022

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Shortly after our return from Convoy Kilo, Alex Sobel MP mentions Ukraine Freedom Company in a debate in the House of Commons

David ‘Joe’ Seeney who runs the Hereford branch of UFC, with the help of his local Ukrainian community, set up an exhibition in The Courtyard, Hereford to show the damage done to the people of Ukraine by the Russian Federation’s illegal invasion.  the exhibition highlights the work by the voluntary sector in aiding their plight.
This video shows the opening day with visits by the Mayor of Hereford and UFC Patron General Arthur Denaro.

On February the 24th 2022 Russia illegally invaded Ukraine.

We all saw on the news the horrors that have been, and continue to be, inflicted on innocent Ukrainian people.

Now Ukraine needs our help more than ever.

Please help us to help Ukraine by giving a donation to buy lifesaving medical equipment, generators and cold weather supplies.

Following the Russian invasion the Ukraine people have been incredible in their courage and resilience.

The Russians are increasingly targeting and killing civilians, destroying essential infrastructure with the aim of breaking Ukraine’s will to resist.

It is essential now that we do all we can to provide humanitarian support and aid to the Ukrainians over the coming months and until they are able to secure their future freedom.

This is why a small team have created the Ukraine Freedom Company (UFC) as a not-for-profit company, with charitable aims, whose purpose is to demonstrate our solidarity – our commitment – by providing humanitarian supplies that will help sustain the people of Ukraine.

We are all volunteers and we transport all the humanitarian aid through Europe and into Ukraine for distribution and to that end, we at UFC, work closely with a network of trusted Ukrainian civilians who receive and distribute the aid to those most in need in the war-torn east of their country.

The  Ukrainian people desperately need our help and they are asking us  to urgently supply the following;

• Medical Supplies – for General, District and Children’s hospitals, Refuges in Kherson and other regional centres, where it is desperately needed.
• Generators – to power, light and heat Hospitals, ‘Invincibility’ warm centres, refuges for women and children and community spaces

• Cold Weather Supplies – thermal clothing, boots, winter sleeping bags and other kit to sustain them through the cold; and

• Vehicles – 4x4s and vans to transport supplies to where it is needed most

Please donate generously – you can give us any of the above and we will arrange collection. Or you can donate funds;  we know there are lots of competing claims on your money – but with the anniversary of the invasion next month and an anticipated ‘final’ push from the Russians (possibly including the Belarusian army), the Ukrainian people need our help. Your donation will enable us to buy these urgently needed supplies and to deliver them quickly and directly to the people near the front line in Eastern Ukraine.
Thank you  –
 Marcus Dixon on behalf of the Ukraine Freedom Company. 

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