Mid-February saw Ukraine Freedom Company join forces with our partners Maccelsfield Ukraine Aid to run a five-vehicle convoy into Ukraine. The objective of the mission was to deliver critical supplies, including medical kit and two RIBs, which were requested for casualty evacuation. The vehicles were also to be donated to Ukrainian units and humanitarian groups.

The operational plan saw Alpha Team drive the vehicles to the Channel crossing and through France, Belgium, Germany and Poland, then cross the border into Ukraine for an initial RV in Lviv. In parallel the Bravo Team to make their way to Lviv, pick up the vehicles and drive them to a number of drop off points in Eastern Ukraine. 




 As is often the way, things didn’t go quite as planned with the first phase of the operation, one of the convoy vehicles had a serious breakdown and was left in Germany, all the stores having been redistributed. On arrival at the border, the vehicle crossings into Ukraine were seriously blockaded by the industrial action being taken by Polish workers. After days driving through Europe, the Alpha team found themselves, after many attempts both day and night, unable to cross through into Ukraine.

In the meantime, the Bravo Team had travelled in by air, train and foot to Lviv With Alpha stuck at the border the decision was taken for Bravo to retrace their steps back into Poland and relieve the Alpha Team, pick up the vehicles and head south through the Carpathian Mountains to Slovakia and cross into Ukraine there.

The issues at the Polish border and the change of plan added two days to the mission and made for some long days driving for the Bravo Team. The first objective was to deliver the RIBs to a charity based in Mykoliav, where they are to be used for casualty evacuation. The next day medical, humanitarian supplies and a couple of vehicles were delivered in Dnipro.

At this point, the Bravo Team split with two members heading back overland to Lviv to deliver medical equipment and the last vehicle. The other members of this team made their way back out by train, via Kyiv and back by across into Poland and flight back to Blighty. Another successful mission accomplished.