Our Patrons

Sir Julian Brazier



Major-General Arthur Denaro

We are honoured and privileged to announce that the Ukrainian Freedom company has secured the esteemed patronage of Sir Julian Brazier TD and Major-General Arthur Denaro CBE DL. With their support, guidance, and invaluable expertise, we are committed to making a profound impact on our mission.

Sir Julian Brazier, with 13 years Army Reserve service with Airborne Forces, a distinguished British politician and former Member of Parliament, he brings a wealth of experience in public service. Having served as a Minister of State for the Armed Forces, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of defense policies and a strong commitment to advocating for the armed forces. Sir Julian Brazier’s dedication to social cohesion and economic growth has garnered him respect and admiration throughout his career.

Major-General Arthur Denaro was commissioned into The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars and during his career has made significant contributions in the field of defence and strategic planning. His extensive experience in military operations and strategic vision make him an invaluable asset to our cause.
With Sir Julian Brazier and Major-General Arthur Denaro as our patrons, we are inspired and motivated to drive positive change and create meaningful impact towards aid to the people of Ukraine now, and going forward.