With the Ukrainian power infrastructure constantly being attacked, there is an ongoing requirement for a range of petrol generators to keep the supply of electricty to schools. hospitals, and thousands of the general public affected by constant power cuts. We aim to source and  provide generators from 2Kw to 5 or 8Kw output.  We have already supplied 15 generators and are constantly on the search for more.

Medical Supplies

Ukraine Freedom Company is delivering high-end medical supplies to hospitals and other regional medical centres. The UFC team includes a highly experienced surgeon who helps us source and secure medical supplies which we deliver into war torn areas in Ukraine.
We are urgently being asked to supply Israeli bandages, chest seals, IT clamps, burns dressings and Celox, (a very effective hemostat granual optimised to stop bleeding fast) 

UFC is also working in a close partnership with World Extreme Medicine ( who have delivered over £1.8m of trauma medical supplies into Ukraine and shared their knowledge and know-how by training medics on the ground in delivering trauma care.


There is a real demand an ongoing demand for vehicles to support our humanitarian aid work. We need vans to transport the aid through europe and into Ukraine and we are specifically being asked to source Mitsubishi L200s a durable 4×4 that is excellent for moving humanitarian supplies around, particularly on difficult roads and rough surfaces